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Della Narn is a Magus and Bard Fetchling played by Matthew Capodicasa on The Glass Cannon Podcast.


Much of Della's history was a mystery, even to her. What is known is that her father was a Cleric of some kind and her mother a Kayal from the Shadow Plane. A falling out occurred between her parents over her growing powers. Her mother tried to escape with Della, but Della chose to remain with her father, who led her on a series of inter-planar jaunts looking for her mother.

Della found herself trapped in a tree inside a Demi-plane known as the Vault of Thorns. The party rescued her from her tree, and impressed with her powers invited her to join their quest to stop the Giants.

Della shared a sibling-like bond with Gelabrous Finn but since his enfeebling, she has dabbled in dark magic, using devil's blood for its healing properties and drank oni blood to gain magical power. She was primarily motivated by tracking down Brandyr to remove Gelabrous's enfeeblement and believes that the party needs to finish their goals "By ANY means necessary."

This attitude has put her at odds with Sir Willemet and played some part in his brief fall from the grace of Iomedae and Shelyn, while also strengthening her relationship with Nestor Coyne.

Della and Baron Ashpeak became particularly close after the events of the Vault of Thorns and the loss of Gelabrous and Lorc. He called her "Lil' Deputy Della."

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Della died in Minderhal's Forge battling Urathosh and her remains are currently in the possession of Brandyr.