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Gelabrous Finn is a Human Cleric played by Skid Maher on The Glass Cannon Podcast. Gelbarous is a Cleric of Desna and was introduced on Episode 1 and part of the Trunau Four.


Son of a wealthy family in Absolom, Gelabrous Finn sought to do good and help the world. This caused his rich family to disown him. "Gel" turned to Desna and became a Cleric in her service. Taking a boat out into the world, he was ship-wrecked and came under the control of raiders who enslaved him and possibly sexually assaulted him. This caused his faith to take a hit as Desna is the goddess of luck.

While in port, the captain of the raiders met a man dressed in black named Brandyr. Brandyr, a man of small stature, challenged the captain to an arm wrestling match for ownership of Gel. The captain accepted his offer and Brander promptly withered the man's arm away to dust.

Brandyr believed he could control Gel's growing power and use it to achieve some end. He tortured Gelabrous in an attempt to grow his power.

While traveling through the city of Trunau Gel managed to convince the local council to free him, as Trunau is not a slave city, but a defeated Brandyr vowed to return. Gel joined the local temple and began to repay their kindness by helping heal the local town folk.

As one of the Trunau four, Gel helped solve Rodrick's murder and fended off the invasion of the town. They found the Tomb of Uskroth, which was the Orc's real goal. Gel donned Uskroth's armor, which shrunk down to fit his human size. Gel also took up the Uskorth's hammer, a magical item of unknown power. Gel managed to really re-connect with his faith in Desna.

To show their gratitude for his heroism, the Trunau Council gave Gel was given a house in town to live in to replace the bloody pile of straw that had been his bed in the temple. Gel then traveled with the Trunau Four to the Vault of Thornes and onto Red Lake Fort.

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During the final battle of the fort, Gel flew to a dam that was blocking the moat and released the water, drowning Orc reinforcements that would have killed the party. It was then Brandyr got his revenge. He stole the Hammer of Uskroth and cast "Feeble Mind" on Gel, effectively turning him into a vegetable. The loss of Gelabrous deeply effected his party members, particularly Della Narn, who made it her life's mission to end his curse, and Lorc Irontusk, who left the party out of guilt for not being able to protect his friend.


Gelabrous is healed by Shayal in the Vault of Thorns at the instruction of the spirit of Gormlaith Kall. He is magically healed to his former mental state, but also is blessed with divine magic and a large butterfly mark upon his chest, signifying that he is The Chosen One.