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The Glass Cannon Network Wiki is intended to be the one stop wiki for all The Glass Cannon Network actual play podcasts, characters, and much more! The Glass Cannon Network follows the rules of Pathfinder 1e and 2e, Starfinder, as well as other tabletop RPGs to tell stories that are captivating as well as following the rules to the best of their abilities. The immersive story telling coupled with professional high-quality audio puts the GCN leagues ahead. Be warned, the wiki does include spoilers. What are you waiting for!? Get listening and participate!

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  • The Glass Cannon Network, located in Astoria, Queens, New York City, did not exist but what did exist was The Glass Cannon Podcast which made its debut. Troy, Joe, Skid, Matthew, and Grant started off recording in an apartment until eventually moving into a studio a couple years later.


  • Cannon Fodder launched, a podcast where Troy, Joe, and guests would have a "Behind the GM Screen" discussion about The Glass Cannon Podcast and now other podcasts. The Fod, as it's also known as, also has a "Viewer Mail" Q&A style segment.


  • The Glass Cannon Network partnered with Paizo, Inc., which made The Glass Cannon Network the first officially licensed Pathfinder podcast. Also, in 2017, The Glass Cannon Network launched a Patreon which has had a huge success as well as taking a new podcast show, Glass Cannon Live! to theaters near you.


  • Thanks to the overwhelming support on Patreon from The Naish, The Glass Cannon Network launched their second weekly podcast, Androids & Aliens, which is an actual play podcast of Paizo's Sci-Fi game system, Starfinder. The GCN also began to release Patreon exclusive shows such as Disorganized Play and Raiders of the Lost Continent game mastered by other members such as Joe and Skid.


  • Joe O'Brien and Troy Lavallee went full-time, quitting their day jobs to work for The Glass Cannon Network. At the end of 2019, a new Patreon exclusive show was released, Echo Quest: Superdungeon, where new cast members were added as series regular players.


  • Everything was going smoothly until the Coronavirus Epidemic hit the world and put a halt on the main shows and Patreon exclusive shows. Having to move production remotely was a big change but that didn't stop The Glass Cannon Network from producing high quality shows. During a three-month span, The Glass Cannon Network released two new Patreon exclusives, New Game, Who Dis? and Legacy of the Ancients and one being a show played live on Twitch, Side Quest Side Sesh. In November of 2020, the Glass Cannon Podcast and Androids & Aliens returned although the latter returned as remote recording episodes while the Glass Cannon Podcast continues to be recorded in studio. In December of 2020, Grant Berger and Skid Maher quit their day jobs to go full-time for The Glass Cannon Network!


  • To kick of the new year right, New Game, Who Dis? continued with more new game systems being played with new guests! In March, the Glass Cannon Network launched a new show Get In The Trunk which is a continuation of New Game, Who Dis?: Delta Green.
  • State of the Naish Address
    • Troy went live on May 10th to announce what the future holds for the Glass Cannon Network. He started off with more New Game, Who Dis? games such as more Call of the Cthulhu and Warhammer 40k, Marvel and MÖRK BORG! Next, Troy announced Get In The Trunk will have a Season 3 with Grant Berger as the Handler and Glass Cannon Live! is coming back in 2021! Then, Troy announced a new Dungeons & Dragons Podcast, Wicked Empire, being launched in the Fall with a cast outside of the original five guys. Troy then announced some sad news, after Androids & Aliens completes Dead Suns, the podcast will go on hiatus. But then more good news! GCN and Stream of Blood will have even more collaborations and now for big announcement. The predecessor of the Glass Cannon Podcast! The cast will be extended to six players and pre-recorded episodes will air on Twitch as well as audio. Also, the next story will be completely homebrewed in a new setting, designed by the GCN and writers in the industry.
  • In September, the first show not featuring any founding members of the Network, Wicked Empire, launched!

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